Infectious diseases

There's an intricate dance between humans, viruses, bacteria, molds, and even tiny worms! They want to survive and replicate just like humans do... and this is why they cause infections. From the flu to HIV, we’ll explore the underlying mechanisms that these creepy crawlies use to reproduce and spread.

Almost one third of the entire world’s population is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the type of bacteria that causes TB. Although only a fraction of these people will actually become sick with the disease, in 2012, the World Health Organization reported 1.3 million TB related deaths. The good news is that health care workers and public health officials around the world have done a great job of helping to detect and treat the disease early. The bad news is that TB is developing drug resistance. Learn more about this ancient disease, that still plagues us in the modern-day.

La plupart des gens ont eu le virus de la grippe au moins une fois dans leur vie, et ce n'est généralement pas une expérience agréable... Défendez-vous avec quelques bonnes informations! Apprenez-en plus sur les symptômes typiques de la grippe (et comment la distinguer d'un rhume), et comment le virus de la grippe envahit vos cellules pour provoquer la maladie. Enfin, apprenez comment les vaccins contre la grippe peuvent vous empêcher de tomber malade, et comment nous pouvons identifier et traiter la grippe, si jamais vous étiez vraiment malade. Restez en bonne santé, mes amis!